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Philippe Dewost has a deep experience in deploying for the many, through both scaling and empowering. He built and ran product management for Wanadoo across its first 4 years and first million subscribers. As CEO of imsense in Cambridge, he turned proprietary, patent protected dynamic range processing into eye-fidelity™ technology, now used half a billion times a day to enhance pictures taken with iPhones after Apple acquired the company.

His conferences and speeches emphasize and inspire a lot on the quest for scaling, building and developing things that last, with a twist on how important it is to understand the stakes of the past 20 years to envision the next 20 months.

While deploying Leonard, VINCI Group’s Corporate Innovation and Transformation Program, he combined a series of exploration groups ranging across 7 key future topics (Autonomous Vehicle, Climatic Resilience, AI, …) with an Intrapreneurship Program currently considered as a reference by other large Corporates.

When it comes to transformation programs, Philippe focuses a lot on people beyond pure technology, and employees onboarding challenges. His VINCI tenure has reinforced his expertise in Smart Cities, as well as in Autonomous Vehicle Technology.

He had previously led a €4,25 Bn digital package for the French Government – the Investments for The Future Program, where he wrote the report for the Prime Minister on how to make France a more attractive destination for innovators, Tech Entrepreneurs, and foreign Venture Capital Firms: his report sparked « La French Tech« . He then initiated a joint Blockchain R&D effort with 27 institutions and partners. 

Philippe is uniquely relevant in sharing inspiring lessons about Public driven efforts and governance, digital sovereignty, and in innovation ecosystems at large.

Conference Themes


  • Digital Transformation is about People
  • Intrapreneurship


  • A brief History of the Future
  • Towards the Metaverse
  • Open sourcing hardware
  • A 12th century startup
  • New Space Horizons


  • Permission & Leadership
  • Of present & presence


  • Blockchain is not about technology
  • Autonomous Vehicle & the need for Infrastructure
  • Man Machine Interfaces

Public Policies

  • La French Tech in the making
  • Digital Sovereignty
  • Smart Cities

Keynote Speaker on Tech at large

Audiences ranging from 35 to 3500. Français & English



Boulogne - Billancourt, France